Reasons to attend our campuses

  1. Comprehensive training model of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona FOOTBALL CAMP. It is a model of a first-division team, with one of the best methodologies at European level, related to the training and improvement of the player, who takes care of its youth academy, as well as the development and all the details related to the progression of the player.

  2. Our RCD Espanyol de Barcelona TRAINERS, trained in the Dani Jarque sports city in Barcelona, master the methodology that will be taught at the FOOTBALL CAMP, having as their sole objective, transmitting the RCD Espanyol de Barcelona brand and the values that surround a club with more than 120 years of history.

  3. Live an unforgettable experience, which is related to a first-division training football, enrich yourself from this experience, enjoy it, share it, participate in it and above all, you shall want to repeat it, live with us the best possible experience with RCD Espanyol de Barcelona FOOTBALL CAMP.